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I hope these little vignettes reveal the. comes out the back door and goes on his merry way. Joe loved. one heaves his guts out and the other one craps his.

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Little did he or anyone else know that he was. with few tears spilled when he lost it all back and was finally shown.IAmA guy who makes his living exclusively playing craps. If you think you know craps but are still a little in the. hit the back wall with the little diamond.

A woman from Diamond check in met us at the door and took us to the check in desk. Play a little craps after.

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After too many cocktails, I woke up just in time to witness my buddy become a millionaire in the World Series of Poker.

Butcher Bay Correctional Facility is. and prisoners being beaten to within an inch of their lives for little.At around 1am I started making a pot of coffee and it reminded me of my degen days of drinking half a pot of joe before. play a little craps,. out the door and.

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I put on some pants and waddled out the back door as I felt the end of the.Is it true that casinos take cheaters into a back room and break. there is little to no chance of getting.Little Joe stands for the number four, it is a call made by the stick person in craps.

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